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Operators are very important at our museum. They give rides to visitors while providing information about our electric cars, our railroad, and the mission of our museum. Special thanks are due those operators who operated weekdays during the summer: Bill Strahle, Jim Mason, Fred Codoni, Ray Muther, Enid Albedi, and Steve Graves. Each volunteered to operate the same day of the week all summer. This made scheduling a breeze!

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June 2011:

For many years we have called our spring wildflower train the Scenic Limited. At last it has a drumhead sign with the name. An original Western Pacific Scenic Limited sign is in the archives of the California State Railroad Museum in Sacramento. Although our sign is not a replica of the original sign, it was inspired by the Western Pacific sign. It uses the same feather emblem and identical lettering fonts as the original. The red in the sign is translucent plastic so our sign illuminates in both red and white like the original. The new sign gives a nice professional touch to our Scenic Limited train.

If you’ve always had a secret Walter Mitty dream to operate a train, here is your opportunity. We have a free step-by-step training program for new operators! You advance in training at your own pace. You work with a really nice group of people. You can feel really good about your work because you are a vital link in keeping out museum open.

Step one is to join as a member and be older than 18.

Step number two is taking our Rule Book class and passing the test. You also will learn safety around railroads.

Step number three is our conductor class. After you pass the test, you will become a probationary conductor. You will work with a qualified conductor for on-the-job training. After a satisfactory check ride, you will be a qualified conductor who can work without supervision.

Step number four is our motorman class. You will learn the basics of car operation. You will get hands on experience operating cars. After you pass the test, you will begin learning individual cars in on-the-job training. After a satisfactory check ride, you will be a qualified motorman for that car. Then you can begin training on a different car.

We have additional classes for brakemen, Bridge Unit Operation, and train operation. Some of these classes have different pre-requisites before taking them.

Operations Archive