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May, June, July 2011

The first 6 months of 2011 has seen the greatest number of individual donations since the BAERA archives began over 50 years ago.

Thirty-nine individual donors gave books, videos, drawings, maps, documents, switchmen lanterns, end of train markers, uniforms, caps, flagging kits, newspaper clippings, SN Valuation maps, manuscripts, periodicals, bonds, stock certificates, slides, Key System annual reports, photographs, pins, tickets, transfers, passes, employee timetables, postcards, a stained glass window, an interior sign from an SN car, records, calendars, technical manuals and many other ephemera. Special thanks to:

Mike Stull, Gerald Graham, Neil Lang, Robert L. Moore, John Larsen, Jr., Mrs. John Clemson. William Lieberman, Frederic Smith, Kenneth Shattock, Andrew McLean, Jeff Moreau, James Strong, Bonnie Miller, Ryan, Koledin, Stephen Graves, E. Macdougall Palmer, Dennis Tommasino, Everett King, Jr., Brent MacGregor. Richard Jenevein estate, William Rowe, George Rice, Alvon Thoman, Jim Lekas, Robert Chellis, Nancy de Moreas, Dudley Westler, Robert Lowry, James Harrison, Judith Singer, Michael Lennon, anonymous, Michael Setty, David Ernest (Pacific Locomotive Ass’n), Cliff Hansen, Roger Olmstead, John Smatlack (Orange Empire Railway Museum), and Charles Frank.

Our thanks to these donors for choosing to entrust their precious railroad gems and collectibles to the Museum. We hope that each of you will consider the Museum when searching for a new home for your collections, while the decision is still yours to make. We've heard too many stories of well-meaning heirs not knowing or understanding the historic value of collections and disposing, or destroying, them.

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