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November 2011

We are looking for some enthusiastic volunteer help in the Archives for some specific collections:

Tickets, Transfers and Passes

If this is your passion, plan to spend a day or two with us each month. Jobs to be accomplished are separating by company, cataloging the items which match our archival mission, setting up storage or display of specific items, and then developing a plan for the deaccessing of duplicates and out of mission items. This could involve sharing or trading with other museums (preferred), selling in our Museum Store, or selling on such forums as Ebay.


We have many wonderful moving pictures of electric interurbans and streetcar systems in 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm, and we have the projection equipment to show these films. We need someone to spend a day or two in the Archives each month to prioritize the digitalization and storage of this fragile audio-visual material.

Car Cards

The BAERA Archives has one of the largest collections of Car Card Advertisements anywhere. We need someone to catalog these items and to produce replicas of the originals for display in our streetcar fleet.

If managing any of these collections interests you, come in and visit the Archives on any Wednesday or Saturday.

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