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Operators are very important at our museum. They give rides to visitors while providing information about our electric cars, our railroad, and the mission of our museum. Special thanks are due those operators who operated weekdays during the summer: Bill Strahle, Jim Mason, Fred Codoni, Ray Muther, Enid Albedi, and Steve Graves. Each volunteered to operate the same day of the week all summer. This made scheduling a breeze!

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November 2011:

Our Pumpkin Patch Festival drew over 6,500 visitors. Not surprisingly, the most popular activities were the hay fort, the tractor rides, and (of course) the train rides.

Thanks to everyone who made it possible! In addition to our regular volunteers, we had the support of the local community, including the Vanden High School Honor Society, the Dixon, Fairfield-Suisun, and Cordelia Rotary Clubs, Dolk Tractor, Rio Vista Sanitation, Ian Anderson, and Ken Zadwick. Special thanks to retiring Operations Superintendent Fred Krock who spent more than 10 years scheduling and training operators. Thank you Fred!

Our operating staff made sure we had a very successful Pumpkin Patch this year. We used Bridge Unit 187, Key 352, Muni 1016, and P&SR 63 to transport people to and from Gum Grove Station. Operations ran smoothly even on our biggest day, Saturday October 22. On that day we had to substitute Crandic 111 for Muni 1016, which suffered a mechanical failure on its last run on October 16, and was not repaired until the afternoon of October 22.

All the operators performed very professionally throughout the entire event. We have a truly dedicated group of volunteers. They represent the face of the Museum to the public, and we are proud to have them!

Shortcomings of our radio system came to light during Pumpkin Patch. We have 4 new radios that operate well under current operating rules, but will need to be converted for use under a new system we must buy to conform with new FCC radio rules that into effect January 1, 2013. Classes will be given to operators of all types of railroad equipment to acquaint them with the new system and the new radio rules. This should enhance the safe operation of all our railroad equipment.

Operations Archive