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Monday, November 23, 2020

LRV Maintenance - Returning 1018 to Service

LRV Maintenance - Returning 1018 to Service

The museum’s shop is back to work on various projects around the museum with new implemented safety guidelines to make sure everyone is safe and healthy. The LRV maintenance crew returned with two goals in mind. Return San Diego MTS 1018 to service and continue work on the SF Muni 1258.

Back in 2018, SDMTS car 1018 had an issue with its controller system. At the time the issue put the car out of service until an LRV maintenance crew could be formed to troubleshoot it’s problems. The major difficulty with theU2 cars like 1018 & 1017 is the documentation. Many of the electrical diagrams are incomplete, with some of the more advance troubleshooting guides even needing translation from German. Fortunately, with the help of the Southern California Railroad Museum’s LRV maintenance crew, we were able to figure out the problem was in the pilot motor controller. The pilot motor controller runs the cam control system that allows the car to accelerate and brake at various speeds. After confirming this was our problem we were able to send the unit off to Eagle Valley Inc. which specializes in rebuilding LRV components. Once the unit returned from the repair shop it was plugged back into the car and voilá! the car worked again flawlessly. Now that this car is back in service it can be used again once the museum reopens. 

Meanwhile, work continues on the Muni Boeing LRV 1258. Fortunately we have great documentation on the Boeing car unlike the SDMTS U2 cars. With this documentation, we have been able to complete many electrical repairs on this car. The crew is still working hard to make sure the car is ready for our museum guests to ride and bring nostalgia back.

lrv maintenance crew

We will keep you all informed on the progress of the LRV Maintenance crew.

If you have any questions or would like to help with your time or through a donation please contact us through our Facebook page or by visiting our website.


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