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Thursday, January 21, 2021

Help Save a Historic BART Train

Help Save a Historic BART Train

The Rapid Transit History Center (RTHC) is an exciting new project by the Western Railway Museum. The RTHC will give guests the opportunity to learn about the history of the Bay Area Rapid Transit or better known as BART. Museum guests will learn about early concepts and challenges BART had when constructing a new transit system during the Space Age.

  • How the late 1800s growth of San Francisco and Oakland as a financial - commerce centers and the East Bay "bedroom" suburb development were, geographically challenged by the SF Bay.
  • How conquering this boundary ( SF Bay ) by ferry boats and fog gave way to trains on the Bay Bridge
  • How increased travel demand required a unique solution. Solved by the immediate success of BART's opening and it's Trans Bay Tube alternative.
  • How was the Transbay Tube was constructed
  • How the Berkeley Hills Tunnel was constructed to coexist with the Hayward Fault
  • How BART runs trains using an automatic train operating system


The Museum has several concepts in the works of how we plan on displaying up to three original Legacy Fleet cars. Each car will be carefully picked based on condition and history. Cars being considered have history with U.S. Presidents, Movies and build date.

Can you help us reach our goal to save BART history for future generations to see and learn from? You can donate on our Website 

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