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Kennecott Copper Corporation 407

Kennecott Copper Corporation 407


This is a 125 ton mainline electric locomotive built by General Electric for the Utah Mines Division of the Kennecott Copper Corporation.


It was built at General Electric’s Erie Works and was released on November 22, 1947 with road number 7, which was changed to 407 in May 1964. The construction number is 29120. It is one of the few surviving mainline locomotives from the Western US. The line it ran on was the 16-mile railroad hauling ore in 90 car trains between the open pit at Bingham Canyon, Utah and copper ore concentrators at Arthur and Magna and the smelter at Garfield. It runs on either 3000 or 750 volts DC.

  • Owners: Kennecott Copper 407
  • Date Last Modified: Wednesday, 04 May 2011


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