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Petaluma and Santa Rosa 63

Petaluma and Santa Rosa 63 Mike Ninneman Photo


Petaluma and Santa Rosa 63 is a wooden combination baggage and interurban car with clerestory roof. It is a double-end, double-truck car.


This little wooden interurban car was built in San Francisco by the Holman Car Company in 1904. It ran between Petaluma, Sebastopol, and Santa Rosa with a branch to Forestville. Passenger service on the P and SR ended in 1932 and this car was dismantled. The car body was used as part of a house in the hills west of Fairfield until it was acquired by the Association in August 1967 and moved to the Museum on November 27, 1967. Members of the Association tore down the house to get the car body out of it. The car was restored to an operating car at the Museum. Trucks and traction motors were salvaged from Yakima Valley box motor 301.


1904-1932: P&SR 63.

1932: P&SR discontinues passenger service.

1932: car 63 dismantled, body sold.

1932?-1967: used as a house in rural Solano County,California.

1967: acquired by Bay Area Electric Railroad Association and moved to Rio Vista Junction.

1967-1973: car restored to operation by WRM shop forces using trucks and motors from Yakima Valley box motor301.

  • Vintage Photo: Vintage Photo
  • Vintage Caption: P&RS #63 as it was when acquired. The addition on the left was left behind.
  • Owners: Petaluma and Santa Rosa 63
  • Technical Data: Built: 1904 Builder: W. L. Holman Company Type: combination baggage-coach Seats: 44
  • Trucks: Brill 27MCB-2. Wheels, 33-inch diameter. Axle, 5”. Journals, 4 1/4 X 8 plain bearing. Traction motors, 2-65 horsepower @ 600 VDC, inside hung.
  • Air Brake Equipment: Westinghouse WTBCo SM-3 Motorman’s valve, PV-2. Emergency Valve, H-1. Brake cylinder, 10 X 12. Governor, GE Type ML. Air compressor, GE CP-27
  • Dimensions: Length: 44' 5" Width: 9'' 0" Height: 12' 1 1/4" Weight: unknown.
  • Propulsion Equipment: Controller, K 28-J (cam switch added). Traction motors, General Electric GE-201-P. Gearing, bull 71 teeth, pinion 15 teeth, ratio 4.71 to 1, 5” face. Control switch, MS-46. Line breaker, DB987. Power resistors, Westinghouse edge wound ni-chrome.
  • Misc Data: Couplers, None. Heaters, None. Trolley wheel, 6” Ohio Brass Form 6. Trolley base, US 20. Trolley catcher, Ideal, made by The Trolley Supply Co. of Canton, Ohio. Air Whistle, Kinsley.
  • Current Condition: Since restoration, P&SR 63 has been a workhorse which is genuinely popular with the visiting public. It is currently in limited service awaiting minor underframe repairs.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Maintain in current condition. Replace trucks with more appropriate trucks if they become available.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011

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