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Current Fundraising Campaigns

At the Western Railway Museum, all our volunteers strive to make our museum the finest example of historic preservation and interpretation in America. Generous support from members and friends are key to all museum activities and programs. Thanks to your help and support, we can do it! 

Car House Four

wrm car house four

The Car House Four project will provide state-of-the-art protection to our railway artifacts.  This project will replace our Car House One, which is reaching the end of its practical lifespan, with a new facility that will greatly enhance the preservation of our artifacts.  Planning for the new facility is progressing and will soon allow construction to begin. 

Please consider a donation to allow this important project to go forward!


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Sacramento Northern 1005

wrm car house four

When the museum retained our flagship Sacramento Northern 1005, it was in bad shape. The level of deterioration by years of improper storage had left the car unrecognizable. Through a multi-year restoration project, which began in 1999, our team of dedicated shop volunteers restored the 1005 to her original glory.

Now, after years of public operations, it has become necessary to make repairs to both compressors, so we can ensure the future of this historic artifact. Due to the complexity of repairing historic parts, $150,000 is needed.

Please Donate today and see your gift doubled, dollar-for-dollar up to $75,000! Thank you to The Candelaria Fund for your generous $75,000 matching gift!

Thank you for being a part of a community that recognizes a need and does something about it. Click belowto donate and be sure to select Sacramento Northern 1005 in the drop down box on our donation page. 

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Rapid Transit History Center

wrm rapid transit history center

During the development of the San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit District over 50 years ago, many innovative technologies were incorporated into this ground-breaking mass-transit system. 

Now that the original fleet of cars is being replaced, the Western Railway Museum will be preserving three BART trains that will showcase the innovations of the transit system developed for the Bay Area.  Please help us preserve this important technological link that has shaped the last 50 years of development in the Bay Area. 


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Destination Molena

wrm destination molena

Ever since the Western Railway Museum acquired the historic Sacramento Northern Railway in Solano County almost 30 years ago, volunteers have been working steadily to restore the track, bridges and overhead wire system for operation of museum trains. 

This phase will extend operations to the historic site of Molena to the south of the museum.  Please help by providing the resources our volunteers need to continue this work.


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Archive Expansion

rapid expansion addition

The Candelaria Fund of Little River, CA has awarded a grant of $200,000 towards the building of an addition to the Bay Area Electric Railway Archives at the Western Railway Museum.

The new structure, which will double the temperature and humidity controlled storage space, will be added to the existing archives and will be an important part of preserving the history and stories of electric railroads in the western US.

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The General Fund

wrm general fund

There is nothing more exciting or satisfying than contributing to a major museum project and seeing it to completion. Yet once the job is finished and the excitement is over, it is the general fund that provides the resources to cover maintenance and keeps the lights on. 

Your donation will help keep us doing what we do best!

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