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Western Pacific 1025

Western Pacific 1025


Western Pacific 1025 is a steel tank car built as part of series 1021 to 1080. The car has high running boards, riveted steel tank construction meeting the MCB specifications current at the time, and holds 10,040 gallon.


Western Pacific 1025 was built by American Car and Foundry in Milton, Pennsylvania between May and December 1912 at a cost of $1213.21 each. The car was manufactured to ACF Specification 5210 and built in lot 6664. It was built with arch bar trucks and type K-1 brakes with an 8 inch cylinder. The trucks were converted to Andrews side frames in 1937 and the K brakes were converted to type AB in June 1947 at Oroville. On May 4, 1950 the car was converted into a maintenance of way water car, number WPMW 1582 as one of series 1501 to 1575. The final service for this car on the Western Pacific was as the bilge water car for the ferry Las Plumas in Oakland. Note that the “WPRR Record of Equipment” card indicates that in February 1980 the car was renumbered to 1260. This is not accurate. The Bay Area Electric Railroad Association traded its’ tank car, GATX 79840, to the WP for car 1582. GATX 79840 was renumbered to WP 1260 prior to leaving the Museum. Car 1260 became the Diesel fuel car for Fruit Growers Express in Stockton Yard.

  • Owners: Western Pacific 1025. Western Pacific WPMW 1582.
  • Technical Data: Type, Tank car, 10,040 gallons. Builder and date, American Car and Foundry, 1912. Class. Underframe, steel. Lightweight, 39,800 pounds. Capacity, 80,000 pounds.
  • Trucks: Truck center. Trucks, arch bar converted with Andrew side frames. Wheels. Wheelbase. Journals.
  • Air Brake Equipment: Air brake system, AB. Brake cylinder. Hand brake, vertical staff.
  • Dimensions: Length. Width. Height.
  • Propulsion Equipment: None
  • Misc Data: Coupler. Draft gear.
  • Current Condition: This car is in good condition but needs to be painted. The car had a few additional parts and brackets added when it was in bilge water service for the WP’s ferry boat.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: The car needs the running boards replaced, the extra equipment removed and to be painted. The Andrew trucks should be converted back to arch bar trucks the AB brakes replaced with K brakes. The car should be painted as it was delivered o the WP in 1912.
  • Date Last Modified: Monday, 04 July 2005

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