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Central California Traction 010

CCT 010 with a tarp over it for protection from the elements. CCT 010 with a tarp over it for protection from the elements.


Central California Traction Company 010 is a wooden interurban express trailer with an arch roof and rounded ends.


It was built by the Holman Car Company of San Francisco in April 1911 and retired in June 1944. When built this car had one centered sliding door, two windows on each side, and end walk through doors. At some point the Traction Company converted 010 to a boxcar by covering the windows and closing one end door. Running boards were added. Other changes may have been made. This car was in series 010 to 011. These were the last express trailers acquired by the Traction Company. This is a rare type of car. It was then used as storage shed in Sacramento until acquired by the Museum in 2000.

  • Owners: Central California Traction 010
  • Technical Data: Type, Express car. Builder and date, Holman Car Company, April 1911. Class. Underframe, wood with truss rods. Ends, wood with walk through train doors. Roof, canvas over wood. Lightweight. Capacity.
  • Trucks: Truck center. Trucks, arch bar. Wheels. Wheelbase. Journals.
  • Air Brake Equipment: Air brake system. Brake cylinder. Hand brake, vertical staff. Coupler. Draft gear.
  • Dimensions: Length, 30’ 5”. Width. Height. Doors, single sliding side and end walk through train doors.
  • Current Condition: Body only, under frame suffers from dry rot due to sitting on the ground for many years.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Restore to passenger era configuration. Most required equipment is on hand. Replacement of under frame timbers will require a significant effort.
  • Date Last Modified: Thursday, 14 July 2005


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