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Peninsular Railway 61

PSy #61 61 up in air after being unloaded at WRM in July 1969. [BAERA 18796] PSy #61 61 up in air after being unloaded at WRM in July 1969. [BAERA 18796]


Peninsular Railway 61 is a wooden, double truck, double end, interurban passenger cars.


61 was built in 1903 by the American Car Company for the San Jose, Los Gatos Interurban Railway Company as numbers 13 respectively. The even numbered cars were motors, but the odd numbered cars were trailers. The 13, having been a trail car, was not named. The Southern Pacific consolidated the electric lines around the San Jose area into the Peninsular Railway.

After the discontinuance of passenger service, the electricalAfter the discontinuance of passenger service, the electrical and mechanical equipment was stripped. The 61 was stored in a barn and laterThe 61 was stored in a barn and later exposed to the weather for a number of years.


1903-1909: SJ-LGI 13

1905: Motorized

1909: SP forms Peninsular Railway, renumbers 13 to PRy 61

19?? demotorized

1931: car 61 re-motorized converted to to one-man operation

1934: passenger service discontinued.

1934: 61 sold and stored in a barn.

19??: 61 moved outside.

1969: 61 arrived Rio Vista Junction.

1980: 61 donated to Bay Area Electric Railroad Association.

1980s: 61 partially restored.

  • Owners: Peninsular Railway 61. Los Gatos Interurban 13.
  • Technical Data: Built: 1903 Builder: American Car Co Seats: 52
  • Dimensions: Length: 47' 6" Width: 8' 3" Height: 13' 5 1/4" Weight: 88,700 lbs
  • Propulsion Equipment: Trailer car
  • Current Condition: This car is currently undergoing restoration. It was a stripped body.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Complete restoration of car. Trucks and motors are currently available.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011

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