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MMTB 648

Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board # 648 Melbourne and Metropolitan Tramways Board # 648 Ryan Blake Photo


Melbourne and Metropolitan Tram Board type W-2 street car.


Tram: W2.648
In Service: Wednesday, 17th December 1930
Current Status: Sold
Operator: MMTB
Allocated Depot:  
Withdrawn: Wednesday, 11th May 1983 (America)
Livery: MMTB Green and Cream

Tram (as they are known in Australia)  #648 was brought to the United States in 1983, and was a part of the Trolley Festival operated in San Francisco. After several summers of successful operation in San Francisco, the car was sold to the Western Railway Museum.  

  • Owners: Melbourne and Metropolitan Tram
  • Current Condition: Operational and complete. Good condition.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Maintain in kind.
  • Date Last Modified: Monday, 04 July 2005

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