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Pacific Gas and Electric 41

PG&E Car 41, broadside, probably on arrival, at carhouse, [BAERA 24370] PG&E Car 41, broadside, probably on arrival, at carhouse, [BAERA 24370]


Pacific Gas and Electric is a double-ended, single-truck, Birney car that ran in Sacramento, CA. This car is an early design with only seven windows and no platform knee. It weighed six tons and seats 28 passengers.


This car was built by the American Car Company in their St Louis, Mo. plant in 1918. It was purchased by Pacific Gas and Electric for their Sacramento streetcar operation and spent its entire working career on this system. It was retired prior to Sacramento City Lines take over of the system in 1943. It was part of series four car series 41 to 44. After retirement the car was used as a shed in Elmira, Ca. It was acquired by the Museum in 1976.

  • Owners: Pacific Gas and Electric 41
  • Technical Data: Lightweight steel Birney car, seven window. Built by American Car Company in St Louis, Mo. in 1918. Order Number 1097. Seats 28. Total car weight, 12,000 pounds.
  • Trucks: Brill (79E). Wheels, 24 inch. Axle. Journals, 3 1/4 X 6. Traction motors, 2-25 horsepower @ 600 VDC, inside hung.
  • Air Brake Equipment: Westinghouse Traction Brake, SME. Motorman’s valve, (M-28). Emergency Valve, (K-1). Double check valve, (#15). Brake Cylinder (8 X 12). Dead man on controller and foot valve. Air Compressor, (CP-25).
  • Dimensions: Width. Length over buffers, 23’ 6”. Height. Truck wheelbase, 8’.
  • Propulsion Equipment: General Electric type K. Controller, (K 10). Traction motors, (GE 264). Power resistors, (GE type SG).
  • Misc Data: Heaters. Trolley wheel, 6”. Trolley Base, one (US 6). Bell, single stroke.
  • Current Condition: Car is incomplete restoration. All steel work has been completed.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Complete restoration when resources are available. Truck and traction motors are available.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011


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