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Pacific Gas and Electric 46

Car 46 at WRM. Car 46 at WRM.


Pacific Gas and Electric 46 is a standard eight window, double-ended, single-truck, Birney safety car that ran in Sacramento,California.


The first of the six cars series 45-50, the 46 was built by theAmerican Car Company in their St Louis, Missouri, plant and purchased by Pacific Gas and Electric for its Sacramento streetcar operations. It spent its entire working career on the system, being retired prior to the Sacramento City Lines takeover of PG&E's Sacramento streetcar system in 1943. The car was acquired by the Museum in July 1987.


1920-c1942: PG&E 41.

c1942: retired

194?-1983: used as a summer cottage in Orangevale, California

1983: acquired by Bay Area Electric Railroad Association and moved to Rio Vista Junction

  • Vintage Photo: Vintage Photo
  • Vintage Caption: PG&E Car 46, broadside, at carhouse. [BAERA 24371]
  • Owners: Pacific Gas and Electric 46
  • Technical Data: Built: 1920 Builder: American Car Co, order #1272 Type: Birney Safety Car Seats: 34
  • Trucks: Brill 21-E Traction motors, 2-40 horsepower @ 600 VDC, inside hung.
  • Air Brake Equipment: System: SCDCo straight air, with safety control Brake valves: unknown Motorman’s valve, (M-28). Emergency valve, K-1. Double check valve, #15. Main reservoir protection valve. Dead man on controller and foot valve.
  • Dimensions: Width. Length over buffers, 28’. Height. Truck wheelbase, 8’.
  • Propulsion Equipment: General Electric type K. Controller, K-63. Traction motors, GE 247. Canopy switch. Power resistors.
  • Misc Data: Trolley Base, US 15
  • Current Condition: Car 46 has been stored outside, tarped, since its arrival at Rio Vista Junction. Long range plans call for restoration, but there are as yet insufficient components, although a Brill 79-E truck has been obtained.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Restore body when resources are available. Display as body only or share Brill 79E1 truck with SN 62.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011

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