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Pacific Gas and Electric 63

Pacific Gas and Electric 63


Pacific Gas and Electric 63 is a double-truck, double-end, lightweight, all steel, Birney Safety Car that ran in Sacramento,California. It has a deluxe interior, including leather seat cushions, and was equipped with treadles to operate the rear doors.


The 63 is one of a twelve car order numbered 56-67, which were delivered in December 1929 and put in service on Christmas day. Ever afterwards these cars became known as the"Christmas Present cars".These were the last cars to be acquired by PG&E for Sacramento before Sacramento City Lines took over of the system.Like so many Sacramento cars, the 63 was underpowered on account of being equipped with only two 40-horse power motors. By the time the 63 was built, American Car Company had become a subsidiary of J. G. Brill, and Brill had been acquired by American Car and Foundry. As part of this corporate reshuffling, American Car Company was was shut down onJuly 1, 1931, barely 18 months after building the ChristmasPresent cars.


1929: delivered to PG&E

1943-1947: Sacramento City Lines 63

1947: retired1947-19??: disposition undeterminable; by the 1970s the body was being used as a cottage in Roseville, California.

1987: acquired by Bay Area Electric Railroad Association

1987: arrive Rio Vista Junction.


  • Vintage Photo: Vintage Photo
  • Vintage Caption: PG&E car 63 on 3 Line. [BAERA 24614]
  • Owners: Pacific Gas and Electric 63 Sacramento City Lines 35
  • Technical Data: Built: 1929 Builder: American Car Company, order #1455 Type: double truck Birney Safety Car
  • Trucks: Brill 177-E-1X
  • Air Brake Equipment: System: WTBCo SME, with safety control Brake valves: unknown Air compressor: unknown
  • Propulsion Equipment: Control: series-parallel Controllers: two K63-BR Motors: 2 unknown*
  • Misc Data: Trolley base: two, US-6 suitable substitutes have been obtained from Japan.
  • Current Condition: Stored indoors on replacement trucks with motors and with a complete set of seats.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: Although not scheduled, it is proposed to be restored as SCL 63.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011


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