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Presidio and Ferries 28

P&F 28 in storage. P&F 28 in storage. Joe Cliscagne Photo


Presidio and Ferries 28 is a double-ended, single truck CaliforniaPresidio and Ferries 28 is a double-ended, single truck California type car which resembles a short version of a California Street cable car.


This car was built by J. S. Hammond Car Company in 1895 for the first Market Street Railway Company (1893 to 1902). Then it became United Railroads 755. It was sold to Presidio & Ferries Railway in 1906 following the San Francisco earthquake and fire for the electrification of its line that ran from the Ferries to the Presidio (the Union Street line) that consisted of horsecar, cable car and steam services. The San Francisco Municipal Railway acquired this car when the P & F franchise expired in 1913. It became their car 317. When retired from revenue service in 1922 it became San Francisco Municipal Railway work car C-4 and was retired in 1946. It was acquired by traction preservationists Robert Townley, Val Golding, and J. G. Graham in the spring of 1947 for $80.00. The car was stored on a farm in Pescadero until the Bay Area Electric Railroad Association acquired it January 1965.


1895-1902: Market Street Railway 755

1902-1906: United Railroads of SF 755

1906-1913: Presidio and Ferries 28

1913-1922 SF Muni 317

1923: converted to work car C-4

1946: retired

1947: purchased by a group of individuals

1965: acquired by BAERA Rio Vista Junction.

  • Vintage Photo: Vintage Photo
  • Vintage Caption: P&F #3 at ferry building. [BAERA 18769]
  • Owners: Market Street Railway 755 United Railways 755. Presidio & Ferries 28. San Francisco Municiple Railway 317.
  • Technical Data: Built: 1895 Builder: John S. Hammond Company, SF Type: single truck California type Seats: 26
  • Trucks: Peckham 9A. Traction motors, Motors: 2 GE-1000
  • Air Brake Equipment: hand, wheel and track, lever operated.
  • Dimensions: Length: 26' 0" Width: 7' 8" Height: unknown Weight: 26,000 lbs
  • Propulsion Equipment: Control: series-parallel Controllers: two, K-10 Traction motors, GE 1000. Power resistors.
  • Misc Data: Trolley base: US-6
  • Current Condition: Stored indoors, suffered the effects of 20 years of exposure to ocean weather and is in a disassembled state. Long range plans call for a complete rebuilding.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: To be restored as Presidio & Ferries 28 or Muni 317.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011

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