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Sacramento Electric Gas and Railway 14

SEG&R #14 at car house. [BAERA 24372] SEG&R #14 at car house. [BAERA 24372]


Sacramento Electric, Gas and Railway number 14 is a home-built, double-truck, wooden, California style streetcar. The car, as built, had a flat front with exposed posts. The fixed side sash is an unusual feature for Sacramento, which is known for its hot summers. The car was built with a single centered trolley pole and base.


This car was built prior to 1905. The car remained on the same property over its entire operation life. The property changed hands a number of times. Pacific Gas and Electric Company operated it until October 1943 when Pacific City Lines purchased the property and operated it as Sacramento City Lines. This car was in service until the end of streetcar operation in January 1947. This car was known for its use of rope brakes instead of air brakes. It was converted to air brakes by 1929. The car was heavily rebuilt over its life including being fully enclosed, sash changed so it would open, sliding side gates and later folding doors, air brakes, and dual trolley poles. The number of this car has not been verified

  • Owners: Sacramento Electric, Gas & Railway 14. Pacific Gas & Electric. Sacramento City Lines.
  • Technical Data: The car seats 44 passengers.
  • Air Brake Equipment: Rope brakes, which is capstan on one axle, one for each direction.
  • Dimensions: Weight was 27,000 pounds.
  • Propulsion Equipment: Car had two 24 horsepower motors.
  • Current Condition: Body only is in poor condition and has been covered with fiberglass. This is a simple car and could be fully restored to operating condition with appropriate resources.
  • Proposed Future Treatment: House in covered storage until restoration to original condition is possible.
  • Date Last Modified: Saturday, 04 June 2011
  • Additional Photo 1: Additional Photo 1
  • Photo 1 Caption: SEG&Ry 14, 5 line, 28th St. at Broadway (Y ST). Enroute for Sate Fair Grounds 8/31/1941. [BAERA 24617]


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